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The Soul Success® VIP Manifestation Experience 

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Do you experience any of these hurdles?

  • ​ Do you have a larger than life business vision but can't seem to figure out your next step?
  • ​Are you overwhelmed with tech, what platforms to use, and how to build your offer online?
  • ​Would you like to manifest unexpected income, clients, and opportunity? Are you looking to launch a book, virtual summit, course, product, or program but confused as to your next steps?
  • ​Does it feel like no matter how hard you work, there's always something that's getting in your way?
  • ​Are you looking to massively multiply your business?

If so, we got you!


 "I came into the VIP Experience with the intention of finding a path forward in my business and what I got out of it was LIFE CHANGING. Not only did I meet other like minded soul sisters who I can now call friends, I gained infinite wisdom for my business that I can implement for years to come. I also made some big changes in my business right away that allowed for more time for myself and more money!  

Meg and Jen are an incredible pair that compliment each other so well. They are genuine heart centered bad asses and you NEED them on your team. Put them in your corner! You won't regret joining the VIP day. It will be so much more than you could ever imagine - TRANSFORMATIVE!!!" 

-Jaime Rivetts MSEd ,  Entrepreneur & Educator   

Learn how to simply tech in your business, make money, and create online offers with ease

Join Meg & Jen in an Intimate Experience of Business Strategy, Tech Support, Action Steps to Implement Immediately, Accountability and Direct Coaching! 

Here's what's included inside our virtual VIP Experience:

  • ​A Full VIP Day Nov 10 from 10am-3pm  MST w/ Meg & Jen plus 2 Weeks of Voxer Coaching, Application & Accountability
  • ​Intuitive Business Readings & Personalized Oracle Card Pulls (Value $444)
  • Online Business Platforms & Tech Support (Value $222)
  • Hot Seat & Group Coaching on Your Business Strategy (Value $1,000)
  • ​Opportunity to enroll the group in your offer (Value $100)
  • ​Connect with fellow female entrepreneurs (Priceless)
  • ​2 Weeks of Voxer Coaching after the VIP Day with Meg,  Jen,  and your VIP sisters (Value $500)
  • ​VIP Swag bag including Soul Success Phoenix tank, paperback book, journal, and other surprises! (Value $200)

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"I came into the VIP experience with the intention of getting a clear path forward in regards to my business. What I got out of the experience was SO much more

Participating in the VIP experience was just a small part of the big picture in the work I have been doing with Megan and Jen. I not only have a solid plan to move my business forward and scale, I also have new skills to manifest like a boss! Megan and Jen show up 100% for every single person they work with. They lead with their hearts and intuition. I can't even imagine my life without them in it now."

-Rachel Snow-The Denver Divorce Doula

Not Merging Your Actions with the right Strategy Can Cause You To Feel...

  • ​Overwhelmed. You always feel like you've got the "wrong" strategy to scale your business and make money.
  • ​Frustrated. Are you overwhelmed with tech and feel like it's holding you back from becoming visible?
  • ​Alone. You feel as though you don't have the support you desire.
  • Confused. You don't know what to do first because hello! Running an online business can feel super overwhelming if you don't have someone to guide you.
  • Uncertain. Everybody else is doing it so you feel as though you don't "stand out".
But what if... you could break this cycle now?

For every emotion you're feeling, there is an antidote. You are an intuitive and creative being. Your antidote can be manifested through thin air when we use the right tools, and We're going to give them to you.

Instead, Imagine Gaining the Tools To Feel...

  • Success. With the right strategy, tech tools, and application of your abilities, you're able to make money and manifest your vision.
  • Seen and Heard. In addition to mentoring from Meg & Jen, you've got a sisterhood of others who see you, hear you, and want to tell their friends about you.
  • Clarity. You've found clarity on the things that are holding you back, and the values that are important to you to manifest with ease and joy.
  • Confidence. When you can access your intuition, you develop a greater sense of purpose and trust in yourself, your strategy, and your dharma (purpose).
  • ​Flow. You have learned how to bridge empowered strategy, tech tools, and action with your inner knowing.

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Meet Your Coach, Megan McCann

Megan McCann is a #1 amazon best-selling author, speaker, intuitive business coach, & the Founder of Soul Success®, a global leadership brand designed for female leaders ready to scale by tapping into their intuitive abilities

Meg is the also the host of the "witchy" podcast, Soul Ascend Podcast with Jennifer Ludington and holds a Bachelors in Sociology, Masters in Counseling, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and in 2011 made it to the top 2% of a multi-billion dollar nutrition company, a 7 figure business. 

She currently works with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, intuitive healers, speakers, authors, and other creatives, and give them the tools to scale their business while activating their intuitive abilities. Her podcast, events, coaching, and online courses give current and future change-makers the tools to manifest and scale. She lives in Sun Valley, ID with her two daughters Mykala and Galena, and her husband Luc.

"Are you ready to step into the fullest expression of who you've always been?"

Meet Your Coach,  Jennifer Ludington

Jen Ludington is a wife, mom of three teenagers, a Yorkie dog mom, fitness and outdoor adventure enthusiast and Mind Ascension Business Coach. 

A highly sought-after speaker and #1 best-selling author, podcaster, real estate investor and thought leader Jen has owned and operated her own elite fitness and yoga studios and created and sold her own successful nutrition bar company. 

Now she is best known for her ability to support women in overcoming their self-limiting beliefs, and becoming the “JENerator” of their own value-centered lives while turning their vision and mission into monetizing machines for the highest good. Jen has helped thousands of women create quantum leaps and massive abundance in their personal, professional and spiritual lives. 

Jen isn’t a fan of the buzzword “passion.” Instead, she believes in building a life lived on purpose, using your core personal values as the vehicle to your vision so you can ascend into the highest version of yourself. 

Jen also believes that ALL women get to ASCEND together, regardless of their past, adversities, stigmas, social status, or any other cultural expectation intended to keep us seprate. 

“I’m in your corner, sis!”

The world desperately needs you and your gifts. 
It's time for your ascension.

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