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Join Meg & Jen in a guided mastermind of soul sisters.
3 Months of Love, Learning, Support and Connection to Your Next Quantum Leap

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Do you experience any of these hurdles?

  • Are you tired of hustling, sacrificing time with family, friends, and yourself in pursuit of your vision?
  • ​Do you have a strong desire to make that quantum leap but feel like every time you take action, you're left only feeling more confused?
  • Would you like to learn how to multiply your revenue by adding the exact same and simple, yet incredibly effective tools that our 6 and 7 figure students have implemented?
  • Are you ready to activate your unique abilities in a sacred container of sisterhood, education, connection,  and accountability?

If so, we got you!

"Megan and Jen show up 100% for every single person they work with. They lead with their hearts and intuition. I can't even imagine my life without them in it now."
-Rachel Snow-The Denver Divorce Doula

We help heart centered, soulful women...

monetize their vision so they can create financial freedom in alignment with their values without the overwhelming fast-paced hustle-hard mentality so they never have to trade time for money.

Click the button below to join the academy and get guided on manifesting the "BIG QUANTUM LEAP that you want to experience. With clear and guided support, we are here for you...

From $70k/year as an educator to $100,000+

"I came into the experience with the intention of finding a path forward in my business and what I got out of it was LIFE CHANGING. Not only did I meet other like minded soul sisters who I can now call friends, I gained infinite wisdom for my business that I can implement for years to come. I also made some big changes in my business right away that allowed for more time for myself and more money! Who doesn't want that? 

Meg and Jen are an incredible pair that compliment each other so well. They are genuine heart centered bad asses and you NEED them on your team. Put them in your corner! It will be so much more than you could ever imagine - TRANSFORMATIVE!!!" 

-Jaime Rivetts MSEd , Entrepreneur & Educator  

Working Alone in Your Business and Life Can Cause You To Experience...

  • Lack of Confidence. Your rational mind is constantly talking you out of great ideas and so you often don't accomplish the things that once felt good.
  • ​Lack of Support. You don't know who to call on to bounce ideas with or validate the "nudges" you've been receiving.
  • Limited Capacity. You don't have any perspective or skills outside of your own. 
  • ​Frustration. It seems like you're at a point now where you're settling because you don't know your next step.
  • ​Isolation and Feeling Alone. Let's face it. Entrepreneurship and Manifestation can be hard. But it doesn't have to be when you're connected to heart centered community and sisterhood.

But what if... you could break this cycle now?

If you are experiencing this right now, stop and pause. THIS IS A GOOD SIGN. Consider this your WAKE UP CALL that you're ready to ascend. Remember, before expansion comes major frustration, break-down, and confusion. You are dismantling the old way of being that just doesn't work anymore. 

Instead, Imagine Gaining the Support To Feel...

  • Confident.  You've developed an awareness to know when the sabotage is happening and you've got a team who can show you the opposite.
  • ​Success. Your logic is overpowered by your intuitive gifts. You're able to manifest things that don't make any sense to the logical mind but feels oh so good.
  • Seen, Heard, and Validated. You've got a sisterhood of others who see you, hear you, and believe in you.
  • Clarity. You've remembered clarity on the things that are holding you back, and the values that are important to you to manifest with ease and joy.
  • Massive ​Abundance. Inside of our academy you'll learn how to make a massive energetic shift so abundance is ever-flowing your way. And it's actually quite easy!
  • Loved. Cheesy right? We know. But quite honestly, it's what we pride ourselves on the most. Because every single woman who joins our academy is seen, loved, and respected. 

"The Great Remembering"

Join the mastermind and get ready to receive MASSIVE QUANTITIES of recognition, clarity, abundance, success, and love. 

From $500/mo to $34,000 in one month!

"I couldn't have done this without Meg and Jen, and I'm a 57 year old woodworker!"
-Nancy Bond, Woodworker

Here's what you get when you enroll in the B.A.M "Sister"mind Academy!

  • 12 Weeks of Business Manifestation Lessons, Coaching, and Accountability ($3,000 value!)
  • Weekly Video Lessons to Help you Intuit, Strategize, Manifest, and Monetize Your Business Vision ($3,000 value!)
  • Bi-Monthly "Soul-Signments" so you can start Implementing our Framework and Experience Results Immediately ($1,500 value!
  • 12 Weeks of active membership inside our Private Facebook Sisterhood Group ($1,200 value!)
  • ​12 Weeks of Voxer Support with coaching from Meg, Jen, and fellow Sisters to Support You and Hold You Accountable! ($3,000 value!)
  • ​And a super sexy surprise bonus once you complete the course! (0-$5,000!)

Value = $11,800 for just $2,997 Today!
*Payment Plan Available Below

The Business Academy Lesson Plan

*Each Module will be filled with "Soul-Signments" for you to get into action and begin implementing in your business immediately. You also get a chance to work directly with Meg and Jen to engage, ask questions, and implement your soul-signments with the group in the voxer and facebook groups. 

4 Weeks with Jen: Mind Ascension Business Breakthrough
Module 1: Mind Ascension Method
Module 2: Self Sabotage in Money and Business
Module 3: Imposter to Prosper
Module 4: Values to Vision

4 Weeks with Meg: Manifestation and Implementation
Module 5: Align Your Mission and Vision
Module 6: Clear the Space to Quantum Leap
Module 7: Manifest Like an Olympian
Module 8: Your Business Strategy to Success

4 Weeks with Meg and Jen: Mastering Your Heart Centered Business
Module 9: Heart Over Hook Sales
Module 10: Manifesting Your Dream Client
Module 11: Heart Centered Relationship Creation
Module 12: Creating Your Lead Magnet and Automated Success Funnel

Bonus: Time to Quantum Leap!
*Bonus: 10 Ways to Make Money Online with Systems & Tech Support
*Bonus: 5D Business & Money Workshop

Meet Your B.A.M. Mentors!

Megan McCann

Megan McCann is a #1 amazon best-selling author, speaker, intuitive business coach, & the Founder of Soul Success®, a global leadership brand designed for female leaders ready to scale by tapping into their intuitive abilities. Meg is the also the host of the Soul Ascend Podcast and holds a Bachelors in Sociology, Masters in Counseling, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and in 2011 made it to the top 2% of a multi-billion dollar nutrition company, a 7 figure business. She currently works with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, intuitive healers, speakers, authors, and other creatives, and give them the tools to scale their business while activating their intuitive abilities. Her podcast, events, coaching, and online courses give current and future change-makers the tools to manifest and scale. She lives in Sun Valley, ID with her two daughters Mykala and Galena, and her husband Luc.

Jennifer Ludington

Jen Ludington is a wife, mom of three teenagers, a Yorkie dog mom, fitness and outdoor adventure enthusiast and Mind Ascension Business Coach. 

A highly sought-after speaker and #1 best-selling author, podcaster, real estate investor and thought leader Jen has owned and operated her own elite fitness and yoga studios and created and sold her own successful nutrition bar company. 

Now she is best known for her ability to support women in overcoming their self-limiting beliefs, and becoming the “JENerator” of their own value-centered lives while turning their vision and mission into monetizing machines for the highest good. Jen has helped thousands of women create quantum leaps and massive abundance in their personal, professional and spiritual lives. 

Jen isn’t a fan of the buzzword “passion.” Instead, she believes in building a life lived on purpose, using your core personal values as the vehicle to your vision so you can ascend into the highest version of yourself. 

Jen also believes that ALL women get to ASCEND together, regardless of their past, adversities, stigmas, social status, or any other cultural expectation intended to keep us seprate. 

“I’m in your corner, sis!”

The world desperately needs you and your gifts. 
It's time for your ascension.

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